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B2MeM Prompt and Path: “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” Mahatma Ghandi. Green Path.
Format: Chaptered
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Characters: Caranthir, Aegnor, Námo
Pairings: None, but Caranthir and Aegnor were lovers in Tirion.
Creator’s Notes: The Valar, Maiar, Elves, Dwarves, and Men belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit made and no harm intended. I’m just playing with them for a little while.
Summary: A few scenes in Thargelion.

There was silence, and darkness all around him, and when Carnistir rose from the ground he was no longer in Thargelion but standing in front of the Halls of Mandos. He had been there more than once while he was a young Elf in the Blessed Lands, but what was the meaning of this? Was he dead and Lord Námo had called him?

If so, he never heard the summons.

Brellas would be upset.

Impossible! This was a dream or a vision. Carnistir knew it, and yet he could not stop himself and walk toward the Halls. The huge doors opened and he came inside, and a tall figure emerged from the shadows.

“Lord Námo.”

“We meet again, Morifinwë.”

“I’m not dead.”

“You are not, but great dangers lurks you all in Endorë.”

“The Doom you pronounced will follow us wherever we go.”

“And so will the Oath you took.”

“Why am I here, Lord Námo?”

“Because your gift torments you.”

“Why would you care, my lord?”

“Because I care, even if you will not believe me now. We have been able to sense each other since you were a child?”

“And why is that, Lord Námo? You never told me.”

“Eru forbade me to tell you the reason. It would interfere with your path.”

“Are you not interfering with my ‘path’ now?”

“I am here to help you build stronger mental shields.”

Carnsitir froze. “Is Morgoth sending me these nightmares then?”

“Not him, but he has corrupted Maiar at his side, and they are trying to find the weakness if every one of you. Morifinwë, you must warn your brothers are allies. The Siege will be broken eventually.”


“Eru has not given me that information.”

“Is this a game for Eru, then? Is The One playing with all of us?”

“Stop! Not even us, Valar, understand Eru’s reasons or knowledge; so do not rage against The One.”

Carrnistir closed his eyes and managed, somehow, to control his temper. “Teach me then, Lord Námo. I must be strong enough to protect my people and defeat Morgoth one day.”

Námo’s eyes were sad, but he placed his hands on the sides of Carnistir’s head and little by little opened his own mind, knowledge and strength passing into Carnistir’s until he could no longer stand by himself.

Strange, I am dreaming.

“Rest now, Morifinwë,” Námo said, and helped Carnistir to lie down on the ground.

The sun was going up when Carnistir managed to climb out of his dream or vision with a rested body and clear mind. Aikánaro was sitting beside him.

“What are you doing here?”

Aikánaro smiled. “And Brellas was worried for you.”

Of course, Brellas would so something like this. Carnistir would have to restrict his counselor’s access to the pigeons. His staff knew that they could use them only in case of emergencies.

“I am fine.”


A delicious smell made Carnistir’s stomach sound. “You made breakfast.”

“I thought you would be hungry. I am.”

Aikánaro was sitting there, looking at him with calm eyes. Carnistir could not decide if there was love in them too, but there was warmth and for now that was enough.”

“Thank you, Aiko.” He sat in front of his cousin, and they stated to eat in silence. He would tell Aikánaro about his last dream later. For now, all he wanted was to spend a calm moment with him.

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