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In June, we asked the members of this community to take a poll regarding the future of Back to Middle-earth Month on LiveJournal. (Read the original post and the reasons behind our asking here.)

66 people took our poll. We greatly appreciate you doing so.

Importing the LiveJournal community to Dreamwidth

Our first question asked about importing the B2MeM LJ community to Dreamwidth.

94% wanted an import to Dreamwidth at the same security levels (public or members-only). The other 6% were evenly split between higher security levels or no import. The import to Dreamwidth, both entries and comments, has been completed.

In the following weeks, we will contact via PM any member of the LJ B2MeM community who has posted one or more fanworks here in order to inform them of the import. So that we do not contact you about this, please comment on this post if you have read and understand that your fanworks are now hosted on Dreamwidth. If your LJ name is different from your DW name, please mention that. Furthermore, if you do not wish to have your content on Dreamwidth, let us know and we will delete your posts there. You can do this by PMing Indy1776, Dawn_Felagund, or Zdenka (DW; LJ is Lignota) or by emailing the mod team at

Because it fits best here even though it’s out of order: our final poll question asked you to consider removing the TOS-mandated adult content warning on the LJ community after we import it to DW. 80% said to keep the content warning on LJ. We will leave the content warning in place.

To make it clear: we will not use any such content warning on Dreamwidth. (DW explicitly welcomes diverse content; an adult content warning on DW is specifically for adult-only content.) If individual posters wish to use it, that is their prerogative. But it will not be a community-wide thing because we do not want to exclude minors from our event.

Hosting B2MeM in the Future

Our second question was: “Where would you prefer B2MeM to be hosted in the future?”

54 people (82%) said Dreamwidth.
12 people (18%) said LiveJournal.

The next two questions concerned hypothetical behavior: how you think you would act if B2MeM was hosted on either LJ or DW. Because the poll allowed multiple answers via checkboxes to these two questions, the percentages do not round up to 100%.

29% said they would not participate on LJ. 35% said they would post fanworks and 53% said they would comment. 24% said they would leave links to fanworks posted elsewhere. 68% said they’d view fanworks posted on LJ.

9% said they would not participate on DW. 64% said they would post fanworks and 83% said they’d comment. 46% said they’d leave links to fanworks posted elsewhere. 83% said they’d view fanworks posted on DW.

There are significant differences between how people would participate on LiveJournal versus Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth outperformed LiveJournal in every active participation category. The especially concerning answer was where people wouldn’t participate: there were three times as many who would not do so on LJ as on DW. Furthermore, nearly twice the number of people said they would post fanworks on Dreamwidth as opposed to LiveJournal.

Our modly preferences for Dreamwidth aside, it is clear that the community wishes to and needs to move to Dreamwidth to survive.

Back to Middle-earth Month will be hosted on Dreamwidth in 2018 and beyond.

What This Means for B2MeM on LiveJournal

The LiveJournal community will be a mod-post only mirror in 2018. All mod posts will be crossposted from DW to LJ and it will be possible to comment on them. No fanworks can be posted to the community after August 1. After that date, if necessary, another import will be run for those fanworks posted on LJ between now and then.

We have created a feed on LJ of the Dreamwidth community if you wish to follow that: The feed is completely automated; if something is publicly posted to DW, it will appear in the feed. Subscribing to it works the same way as friending someone. The feed is set so that only things above a cut can be read; full fanworks will not be inundating your flist. You will have to click the link in the feed posts to visit Dreamwidth to look at the fanworks. There are two major downsides to using an RSS feed: posts in the feed disappear after two weeks and comments on posts on the feed itself are not seen by the people who wrote the posts. Any comments left also disappear with the posts. To be explicitly clear: comments on the feed posts will vanish unread.

If you do not have a Dreamwidth account, you can comment on DW using OpenID. (Read more about OpenID here.) Everyone who has ever posted or commented on the LJ community has an OpenID on DW because of the import. If you have an account on DW, you can claim your OpenID. We will continue allowing signed anonymous comments on Dreamwidth for those who have neither a DW or OpenID account.

We know this is a major change with a multitude of emotions wrapped up in it. I will not deny that it was difficult to write this post. Yet this is the end of an Age and the start of another. May it be a long and creative one!

If you have any comments or questions, please ask them here or email us at
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