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B2MeM Prompt and Path: “It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” Stephen King. Green Path.
Genre: not sure what to put here...
Characters: Caranthir, Aegnor, Brellas (OMC)
Pairings:None, but Caranthir and Aegnor were lovers in Tirion.
Creator’s Notes:The Valar, Maiar, Elves, Dwarves, and Men belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit made and no harm intended. I’m just playing with them for a little while.
Summary: A few scenes in Thargelion.

Aikánaro had come to Lake Helevorn. Carnistir could not believe that his cousin had ridden all the way from Dorthonion just to yell at him. They had parted ways in Tirion, and they had argued incessantly while in Lake Mithrim.

“You cannot put a tax on every trading party that passes through your lands!”

“Actually, I can, Aikánaro.”

“We are on the verge of war and all you can think of is money?”

Carnistir frowned. “We are on the verge of war, and I must protect my people. I don’t go around forcing the Secondborn to join my army.”

“We do not force them! They come to us for protection. You know why they need our protection!”

“You could have followed your dear father and return to Tirion.”

Aikánaro advanced menacingly. “Don’t you dare speak ill of my father!”

Carnistir stood his ground, fighting the urge to silence Aikánaro with a kiss. It had happened in Tirion, and again in Lake Mithrim. It could not happen again.

“Just go back to Angaráto, cousin. I don’t want him to blame me if something happens to you on the way to Dorthonion.”

Aikánaro’s face was flushed with anger. “You are impossible! I could---”

“Is everything all right, my Lord?”

Aikánaro moved away, and Carnistir looked at his counselor. Brellas appeared to be calm and collected, but his eyes burned with anger.

“Everything is fine, Brellas.”

Brellas stood there for a moment, and after a stiff bow, left.

Aikánaro looked at him with burning eyes.

“I didn’t know you needed protection, cousin.”

“Brellas is my counselor. It makes my relationships with the Sindar easier.”

And Brellas was a mystery that Carnistir had yet to understand, but he was not going to tell Aikánaro about this. He needn’t do it anyway. They were no longer lovers.

“I see.”

Carnistir had believed that Aikánaro would say something different, question his motives, try to find something wrong in his actions, but he did not.

“Aiko, we should not be fighting. If my taxes are a problem, I can lower them, but understand that I cannot do without them.”

Blue eyes looked at him with something akin to longing, and sadness. “You are right, Moryo. We must fight this darkness together.”

“Come inside and have some food and wine, cousin. You can spend the night here if you wish. We are on the verge of war, but we are also at peace. Let us enjoy it while it’s possible.”

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