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In order to comply with the April 3, 2017 LiveJournal User Agreement that says users must mark material "estimated by Russian legislation as inappropriate for children (0-18) as 'adult material,'" we have marked this community as containing Explicit Adult Content. The vast majority of the entries are and will continue to be safe for minors to view; we are simply being cautious because we-the-mods cannot edit the adult content settings on individual posts.

If you are older than 18 and logged in, your experience will not change. If you are younger than 18 and logged in, you will not be allowed to join or view the community. If you are logged out, you will only be able to view the community’s content after confirming you are over 18 on an intermediate banner page (it’s a simple button click). We welcome anonymous comments if you want to participate.

We are both sorry and angry at the idea of excluding minors. B2MeM has always and will always welcome everyone's participation. Please, please use anonymous comments if you want to participate.

We do NOT agree with the new User Agreement. This was not a change we wanted to make, but given the circumstances, we felt it best to make this change to protect our members and the existence of this community. We do not know precisely what could be covered under this agreement and do not want to risk this community's deletion.

The mods are discussing how to keep B2MeM safe and what the future could look like. If you have questions or concerns, please comment or contact us at
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