Aug. 1st, 2017

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The Back to Middle-earth Month LiveJournal community is now closed to fanworks. The only people who can post on the comm now are moderators. The LJ community will be a mod-only mirror comm for the Dreamwidth community. What that means is that all moderator posts-- the announcements, FAQs, prompt posts, etc.-- will be posted and open to comments. Nothing else will be posted.

You have several options if you wish to follow B2MeM in its Dreamwidth home.

1. Make a Dreamwidth account and join the new community.

2. Use your OpenID account on Dreamwidth to participate in the DW community. Everyone who has ever posted or commented on the LJ community has an OpenID on DW because of the import. If you have an account on DW, you can claim your OpenID.

3. We have created a feed on LJ of the Dreamwidth community: The feed is completely automated; if something is publicly posted to DW, it will appear in the feed. Subscribing to it works the same way as friending someone. The feed is set so that only things above a cut can be read; full fanworks will not be inundating your flist. You will have to click the link in the feed posts to visit Dreamwidth to look at the fanworks. There are two major downsides to using an RSS feed: posts in the feed disappear after two weeks and comments on posts on the feed itself are not seen by the people who wrote the posts. Any comments left also disappear with the posts. To be explicitly clear: comments on the feed posts will vanish unread.

4. We will continue allowing signed anonymous comments on Dreamwidth for those who have neither a DW nor an OpenID account.

If you have any comments or questions, please ask them here or email us at

Thank you all for participating and we hope to see you on Dreamwidth in March.


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