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Welcome to the Celebrations post for B2MeM 2017!

A wise Hobbit once said that it is dangerous business, stepping onto a path and seeing where it takes you. This month over thirty creators stepped onto a path. In all, they created more than 280 fanworks. Some ran into the real-life equivalent of barrow-wights and sentient willow trees; some made it to their destination more or less unscathed; some are walking still. We want to offer a chance for all of this month's B2MeM quest-takers to celebrate what they accomplished and share where they are going!

Here you can talk about which path(s) you chose, maybe mention unposted works you're working on or what you'd like to do with the B2MeM prompts you didn't reach or get a chance to use, why you didn't (or did) get as far as you wished, and talk about your creative process if you'd like. You can also include a list (with or without links) to your works for this year's B2MeM.

It doesn't matter how much or how little you accomplished this month: everyone is welcome and this space is open for celebrating, sharing, and squeeing!

Please comment on LiveJournal.


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