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B2MeM Challenge: "We know that Éomer wrote to Merry at the end of his life, but it seems logical they would have had other correspondence over the years. It would be really neat to see the letters exchanged between the Lord of the Mark and the Master of Buckland." (Prompt by Dreamflower)

Format: Short story
Genre: Epistolary. Faux scholarship. Gen.
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Merry and Éomer
Pairings: References to Éomer/Lothíriel, Merry/Estella and Pippin/Diamond, but none of these are the focus of the story
Author's Note: When Tolkien is silent about the timing of certain Fourth Age events (e.g. Merry's marriage) I've chosen dates of my own. I've gone for a later date for Merry's marriage that might be expected, because I wanted Pippin to experience at least one rite of passage before his older cousin.

Summary: Meriadoc the Magnificent is a popular figure of folklore, but how many of the stories are true? What, for example, is to be made of the claim that he regularly corresponded with a king? After centuries of bitter debate, at last these questions can be answered. Thanks to an extraordinary discovery, at last can Meriadoc and his king speak to us in their own voices, clear across the gulf of years.

The Master and the King )
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B2MeM Challenge: ‘There is a modern-day archaeological discovery that ties in with Elves and proves they did exist (in the manner of finding King Tut or Richard III). Of course, there still a few elves still living... somewhere. They're just super-talented at not being noticed.’ - Samtyr
Format: Ficlet, drawing
Genre: Gen, epistolary, experimental
Rating: G
Warnings: Osteological geekery? Also, large embedded image.
Characters: OFC, mystery character
Pairings: n/a
Creators' Notes (optional): I am not sure that this fulfills all aspects of Samtyr’s very inspired prompt. My initial reading of the prompt focused on the evidence itself and not quite so much the possible ramifications for any of the Eldar who still linger among us.
Dear taggers - no, I do not want that character tagged. =)
Dear readers - if the image is too large to see properly on the community page, clicking on the image should take you to the full version.
Summary: Two academics discuss a recently-excavated prehistoric skeleton.

I think I should hand my diagrams out at the next faculty meeting! Y/N? )
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Title: "Prayers about Rain"
Author Name: Dawn Felagund
Prompt: Use the following song to inspire your writing or artwork: "Autumnal" by Arcana (Lyrics)
Summary: Finwë has left his people and chosen exile alongside his son Fëanor. Indis, left behind as his regent, must determine the best course of action for his forsaken people, but her choice to pass the regency to her son Fingolfin seems fraught with peril amidst the divided Noldor.
Rating: Adult
Warnings: sexual content (Finwë/Indis)
Author's Notes: Notes, including translations of Quenya names, are at the end of the story.

Prayers about Rain )
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B2MeM Challenge: N41 - In A Manner of Speaking – Yours truly; N41 - Silm vs HP – Finrod Felagund vs. Cedric Diggory; N41 – Artifacts and Weapons – Ulumuri (horns of Ulmo, made out of white shell)
Format: Short Story, Letter
Genre: Angst, Crossover, Drama, Romance
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Slash, Known (to us) future death of character
Characters: Finrod, mentions of Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory, Earwen, Finarfin, Maglor, Orodreth, and Celeborn
Pairings: Cedric/Finrod
Summary: Finrod tried to resist him, really he did. But in the end, love is the one enemy that can't be defeated.

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B2MeM Challenge: O65: Women of Gondolin (Women of the Silmarillion)
Format: Teaser, Quadrabble
Genre: Letter
Rating: Teens
Warnings: Mature Themes, Quenya names
Characters: Aredhel (mention of Idril and male family members)
Pairings: none
Summary: Aredhel writes a letter to Maedhros before leaving for Gondolin

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