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B2MeM Challenge: Winter Wonderland – N43
Format: Drabble – double drabble
Genre: family
Rating: Gen
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Aragorn, Halbarad, Dirhael, OCs
Pairings: n/a
Creators' Notes (optional): Takes place during "Winter in Arnor", during Aragorn's first winter with the Dúnedain.
Summary: Once the blizzard is over, the games begin. For “Winter Festivities”.

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B2MeM Challenge: B2MeM07 Day 3- And as they watched, upon the mound there came forth two slender shoots; and silence was over all the world in that hour, nor was there any other sound save the chanting of Yavanna. Under her song the saplings grew and became fair and tail, and came to flower; and thus there awoke in the world the Two Trees of Valinor; B2MeM12 Bingo N43 - Canon Couples: Manwë/Varda & Crackfic: Harlequin romance.

Format: Sketch

Genre: Romance

Rating: ...between G and Teen?

Warnings: N/A

Characters: Manwë and Varda

Pairings: Manwë/Varda

Creators' Notes (optional): I had so much fun with this one

Summary: Manwë and Varda, Harlequin romance cover style

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B2MEM Prompts: Cards: AU Crack Pairings Arwen/Theodred, Deep Thoughts: We, Festivals: Funeral/Wake, Forth Eorlingas! Marshal of the Mark, Crossover: Comedy
Format: Ficlet
Genre: Family
Rating: PG
Warnings: Adolescent crushes, silliness between foster-brothers.
Characters: Theodred, Arwen, Morwen Steelsheen (mentioned), OC
Pairings: None
Summary: Theodred's musings on the inhabitants of Dwimordene.
Author's Notes: Ealdric, son of Theodred's former wet-nurse, is the prince's milk-brother (and sword-brother). After all, he had to have had a nurse considering Elfhild died giving birth. This was actually posted in 2012 to the Gfic Yahoo group, but I do not remember if I posted it here as well - I don't think so.
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B2MeM Challenge: 2016 Memories; 2012 BINGO, "Canon Couples", N-43
Format: Poetry, Dribble
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Manwë, Varda
Pairings: Manwë/Varda
Creators' Notes (optional): I began some of these dribbles for the "Canon Couples" card in 2012, and decided to see how many more of them I could complete this year.
Summary: The Lord of Air and the Lady of the Stars are well-matched...

With Manwë Dwells Varda...
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B2MeM Challenge: B2MEM 2011 March 1 Seduction

Voltaire said that it's not enough to conquer: one must learn to seduce. Write a story or poem or create artwork where seduction plays a central role.
B2MEM 2012 Four Words - consonance, smith, mantle, cradle
B2MEM 2013 March 1
"And it seemed at last that there were two musics progressing at one time before the seat of Ilúvatar, and they were utterly at variance. The one was deep and wide and beautiful, but slow and blended with an immeasurable sorrow, from which its beauty chiefly came. The other had now achieved a unity of its own; but it was loud, and vain, and endlessly repeated; and it had little harmony, but rather a clamorous unison as of many trumpets braying upon a few notes. And it essayed to drown the other music by the violence of its voice, but it seemed that its most triumphant notes were taken by the other and woven into its own solemn pattern."

Format:  double drabble
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Valarin and older Quenya names for some of the characters (though identities should still be obvious)
Characters: mostly Osse, Ulmo, discussion of Melkor, mention of other Ainur and Eru
Summary: Even in the Beginning of the Beginning, Osse was drawn to Melkor's Themes, and Ulmo worried for his impetuous Maia...

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B2MeM Challenge: N43 Weather - Sleet, B7 - All Creatures Foul and Fair: Crebain, N33 - Four Words Drabble: gang, remarkable, blackberry, nicety
Format: Drabble
Rating: General
Summary: Radagast loves birds

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B2MeM Challenge:O65-women of Gondolin -women of the Silmarillion,
O65 -Glingal -Artefacts and weapons
N43 -Manwe and Varda -Canon couples
Format: Ficlet?
Genre: Humour
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: OC's
Pairings: N/A... Manwe/Varda, Varda/Ulmo?
Summary: The Ladies of the Gondolin Sewing Circle meet twice a week to debate matters of vital importance in the Hidden City.
Authors notes: Finally I've posted something!
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B2MeM Challenge: Four Words; “smith, consonance, cradle, mantle” Sil Women; "women of Numenor" Love; "Unrequited love" Eorlingas; "Marshal of the Mark" Horror; "Spiders, flies and maggots" 
Format: Ficlet
Genre: General
Rating: G
Warnings: Mention of maggots?
Characters: Éowyn, Éomer, Merry
Pairings: One-sided Éowyn/Aragorn
Summary: Éowyn converses with her brother the morning before he rides to war. 

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B2MeM Challenge: N43 - Landscape: Cove; I22 - Weather: Hurricane, Write what you know: A character you dislike, and O68 - Weather: Humid
Format: Drabble
Title: Too Much Information
Genre: General
Rating: General
Warning: None
Characters: Legolas, OC
Pairing: None
Summary: Legolas wishes he'd never asked a question.  Lanatus is my own creation; I don't like him much, but like me he likes to get the facts right!

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B2MeM Challenge: N-43 – Maglor in History – Galileo and heliocentrism
Format: Fictlet
Genre: Drama
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Maglor, Copernicus, Galileo
Pairings: None

Summary: Maglor is given a great gift by Copernicus. Who will he pass it on to?

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A bit late in coming due to computer issues, but I've finished up my next offering.

B2MeM Challenge: I22: Unlikely pairings, and N43: Harlequin romance! Both on the "Crackfic" card.
Format: "Art"?
Genre: Romance
Rating: They'd sell it in a grocery store. That said...
Warnings: ...gratuitous bare chests, heaving bosoms, terrible puns, possibly implied bestiality.
Characters: Surprise?
Pairings: See previous.
Summary: Romance is ready for Arda. But is Arda ready for...oh, nevermind.

Link goes to my journal.

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B2MeM Challenge:I18 Sons of Feanor: Maglor the Mighty, N43 Four Words Drabble: Smith, Consonance, Cradle, Mantle
Characters:Nerdanel, Maglor
Summary: A mother's thoughts

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B2MEM Challenge: n43 - Landscapes - Cove
Format: Gen
Rating: G
Character: Tuor
Title: The Works of the Noldor
Summary: Tuor explores one of the coves at Drengist

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B2MeM Challenge: n43 Canon Couples: Manwë/Varda; i22 Canon Couples: Celeborn/Galadriel
Format: Drabble series
Genre: General
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Characters: Galadriel/Celeborn, Arwen
Pairings: Galadriel/Celeborn, Manwë/Varda, Thingol/Melian, Arwen/Elessar
Summary: Some choices are just hard to make. Some are made for you, and yet some you would make, again.

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B2MeM Challenge: N43: Powers of the World: Tulkas/"'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink"; I22: Aspects of Aragorn: Thorongil
Format: drabble
Genre: Character Study
Rating: K+
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Compromise comes in many forms.

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B2MeM Challenge: Five Books, Five Characters N-43: FotR: Pippin
Format: Short Story
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Aragorn, Elves
Pairings: n/a
Summary: Gandalf watches at the doors of the Last Homely House for Frodo and his companions to arrive.

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B2MeM Challenge: N43 - Silmarillion vs Harry Potter - Huan vs Animagus form Sirius Black

Format:  Ficlet

Title:  Competition

Genre:  Crackfic/Humor

Rating: G/K

Warnings:  None

Characters:  Huan, Sirius Black

Pairings:  N/A

Summary:  Taking a break from their own realities, Huan and Sirius Black (as Padfoot) have a boasting contest.

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B2MeM Challenge: N43 Of the Sea - Underwater Cave & I22 Of the Sea – Seaweed & I22 Colors - Lavender

Format:  Drabble

Title:  Homecoming

Genre:  Romance

Rating: G/K

Warnings:  None

Characters:  Uinen and Ossë

Pairings:  Uinen/Ossë

Summary:  Just what does Uinen do to calm Ossë down? *grin*

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The Unwilling Apprentice

B2MeM Challenge:

Archery in Arda: Lake town archers
Games people play: Horseraces
Horror: Spiders, flies, and maggots
Weather: Sleet
Art Supplies: Carving

Colors: Lavender
Food and Drink: Hunting and Gathering
Art Supplies: Stone
Weather: Hurricane

Format:Short Story
Genre:Light Comedy
Warnings:creepy creature death
Characters:Eledu and Ellonur (used with permission)
Pairings:vague mention of Eledu/Gwyndir and Ellonur/Bainith
Summary:Eledu tries really hard to teach Ellonur something.

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B2MeM Challenge:I18 Injuries and other ailments: arrow wound, I18 Landscape: Hill
O72 March 3019 TA – March 8 The Dead Receive Their Summons, Occupations – Cook
N43 Horror Spiders, Flies and Maggots
Characters: Cook
Summary: A dead oathbreaker receives his summons

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