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B2MeM Challenge: A throwback from 2012! G56 - Genres Card - Slash & Sons of Fëanor Card - Caranthir after Uldor’s betrayal, Book Title: The Bloody Chamber.
Format: Short Story
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: Mature
Warnings: major character death, violence
Characters: Uldor, Caranthir
Pairings: Uldor/Caranthir
Author's Note: This fic has been gathering (metophorical) dust in my WIP folder since B2MeM 2012 (long may it be remembered.) It's about as ready as it'll ever be, I think.
Summary: They were both cursed.

Please read & comment on AO3
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B2MeM Challenge:
B6: Genre1: Murder Mystery
O62: Genre1: Mystery
Format: Ficlet
Genre: (Murder) Mystery
Rating: Teens
Warnings: Mentions of violence, possibly disturbing ideas
Characters: Maedhros, Fingon
Pairings: N/A (though if you'd like to assume there is a pairing, there is nothing in the fic to contradict that)
Summary: Maedhros wakes in a field, disoriented and full of blood.
Notes: Many thanks to GG, who was very patient betaing this, and Zeen for (unknowingly) inspiring this.

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B2MeM Challenge: B6 - Last Lines: There wouldn't be any decent wine, would there?, Genre: Murder Mystery / Snippets of Verse: One must have a mind of winter
Format: Double-drabble
Genre: Murder Mystery, of course.
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Violent death, i.e. murder
Characters: Unnamed detective, Maedhros, Finwe, Fingon
Pairings: Hm.
Title: The Case of the Murdered King
Summary: Noir Silmarillion? Don’t mind if I do!

Link goes to my journal.
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B2MeM Challenge:
B13: Smells: Petrichor (Smell of Dust after Rain)
G59: Genre1: Tragedy
Format: Poetry
Genre: Didactic Cinquain
Rating: Teens
Warnings: N/A
Characters: N/A
Pairings: N/A
Summary: A moment after rain on the Hill of the Slain.

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B2MeM Challenge (ready for this?):
N36: Rangers of the North: Dirhael
Magic and Real: The Spirits of the House

O62: Deep thoughts: faith seeking understanding
Genre I: Mystery
Rangers of the North: Arador
Women of the Silmarillion: Passing the Bechdel test (by the skin of my teeth)

O64: Deep thoughts: you
Four words: infidelity, new, mesmerize, classify
Rangers of the North: Protectors
Scientific achievement: arithmetic
Format: drabble series
Genre: general
Rating: T
Warning: Coherency is an overrated virtue...
Characters: OFCs, OMCs, Arador, Dírhael, Argonui
Pairings: OFC/Argonui, OFC/Arador
Summary: In the bleak of winter, she will rule her world.

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B2MeM Challenge: O62 - Genre: Mystery, Snippets of Verse: Art’s hid causes are not found
Format: Free verse poetry - 255 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Implied character death. Also, poetry.
Characters: Eluréd, Elurín, Maedhros, the woods of Doriath, and Maglor.
Pairings: None.
Title: Notes for A Winter’s Tale (Not Meant for Children)
Summary: What happens to little princes, lost in the dark woods?

Link goes to my journal.
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B2MeM Challenge:
B9: Genre1: Adventure; Science: Metalworking; TV Tropes: Ultimate Blacksmith
Format: Drabble
Genre: General
Rating: General
Warnings: Some obliquely hinted dark themes. (Aka: Eöl is a creep.)
Characters: Eöl, unnamed Dwarves
Pairings: N/A
Summary: How Eöl and the Naugrim met.

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B2MeM Challenge: B14: Femslash: kink
Genre I: romance
Magic and Real: The immortal
Format: short story
Genre: Romance. Deathfic. Kink.
Rating: A very definite M. Maybe higher just for the concept, in which case if it's a problem, I'll remove it to my journal.
Warnings: See everything above. See also summary.
Characters: Orcs
Pairing: OFC/OFC
Summary: Orcs in love. Be afraid.

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B2MeM Challenge:
B7: Artifacts: Narsil; Evil, Villains and Monsters: Shelob
N33: Artifacts: Gurthang; Here we come A-Caroling: "You would even say it glows..."; Economy: Infrastructure; Food and Drink: Miruvor; Four Words: gang, remarkable, blackberry, nicety; Smells: Onion
N31: Fëanátics: Fëanor hugged his kids; Horror: Darkness, fog and shadows; TV Tropes: Royals who actually do something; Waters: Clouds
I21: Colours: Purple; Genre1: Thriller; Smells: Meat
Format: Drabble Series
Genre: Adventure
Rating: Teens
Warnings: Not for the arachnophobic. Also, some self-indulgent headcanon.
Characters: Elros, Elrond, Maglor, Maedhros, various OCs
Pairings: N/A
Summary: The first bearer of Narsil encounters his first enemy.

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B2MeM Challenge:
N41: Artifacts and Weapons: Ulumúri
O65: Artifacts and Weapons: Glingal, Genre1: SciFi, TVTropes: Overshadowed by Awesome, Women of the Silmarillion: Women of Gondolin
Format: Fic
Genre: SciFi
Rating: Teens
Warnings: Some crude language, binary, and made-up computer communication.
Characters: Aredhel (and various others)
Pairings: N/A
Summary: The communication log of Patient01000001 01110010 01100101 01100100 01101000 01100101 01101100 aboard Hospital Ship Halls of Mandos. (With apologies to [ profile] aliana1, whose concept of space!Middle-earth I may have borrowed.)

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B2MeM Challenge: O65 Genre Card - Scifi (along with drabbles for B10 Sons of Fëanor Card, Maedhros as a leader and N41 ‘the evil servants of Celegorm’)
Format: Ficlet - 385 words + 2 drabbles
Genre: Humor, sort of.
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Violence!
Characters: OCs, Balrogs, Fingon. (Drabbles: Maedhros, OCs)
Pairings: None
Notes: Fingon’s death does not seem like a thing that would’ve been closely witnessed.
Title: The Curious Incident of the Time-Travelers in the Battle-field
Summary: Time-traveling shenanigans in the Fifth Battle.

Drabbles here / Ficlet here.
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B2MeM Challenge: O65: First lines: The towers of ____ aspired above the morning mist; austere towers of steel and cement and limestone, sturdy as cliffs and delicate as silver rods.
Genre 1: Sci-fi
Scientific achievement: statics (also statistics - thanks, Pande, for the correction)
Format: ficlet
Genre: Vaguely steam-punkish
Rating: K+
Characters: The Tower of Dúrin.
Summary: There will be no second Gundabad.

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First B2MeM Challenge: O72 - Games people play – Drinking & Genre – Coming of Age
Format: Drabble
Title:  First Time
Genre:  Humor
ating: G
Warnings: None 
Characters: Eomer and Theodred
Pairings: N/A
Summary:  A Rohirric Tradition is observed by a new generation

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B2MeM Challenge: O72, Genre Card - coming of age
Format: Double drabble (and then a bit)
Title: A quality of loss
Genre: general
Rating: General
Warnings: Brief mention of past violence
Characters: Elros, Elrond, and Maglor
Pairings: none
Summary: Elros is hungry, Elrond wants answers and Maglor can't run forever. (Yet.)

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